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Pain and sacrifice aren’t experiences we often think of as good.

You probably haven’t heard someone say, “It was such a great experience, there was pain and sacrifice the whole time, and it was awesome.”

But, Pain and sacrifice are critical ingredients to just about anything that is worthwhile in life

Here are 5 things that would cause you pain to do but will help you succeed in investment

  1. The Pain of Waiting: M ost People want instant gratification, they want rewards and returns instantly.                                                                          It could be satisfying at the moment but could deprive you of the future you desire. For Real investments, getting maximum returns often involves a waiting period.                                                                                                                                                                                                       In real estate investment, Identify a location with prospects, investing and holding your investment is always a working strategy. At Boing, we have even made this easier, to even reduce your wait period by our system of deploying infrastructure constantly to our estates.
  2. The Pain of Pleasure Deprivation: It’s the season where most people take vacations , spend millions of naira on trips , shopping and merrymaking, in fact, most save up all through the year for this purpose, spend all this savings in the year-end and then start again in the new year in an unending vicious cycle, they achieve “Vacations” but achieve nothing in terms of investment year-in-year-out .                                                                                                                                                     We are not saying, vacations are bad, by all means, rest is goodbut set your priorities right, achieve first, secure your future, then take vacations. At Boing we are helping people make that investment decision easily with amazing gifts this season, so you can secure a serviced plot for yourself and your family and still smile home with gifts such as the iPhone XS Max, the first iPhone with a dual SIM, Live Cows, Samsung Phones and Cartons of turkey
  3. The Pain of Research and Due-Diligence: I use to say, ‘That millions of people will lose billions of naira this year” I know this has happened.     Most people find it hard to take the pains of finding out the details of the venture or investment before they put in their hard-earned Money, Like I use to say ‘Do the Due before you do the deal”, this will save you money and keep your cash buoyant to make that right investment
  4. The Pain of Opportunity Cost: Realistically, there is hot competition for our resources, economics teaches us that “Scarce are resources”. Most time when want to make investments, other needs come in play and compete for this resources, which makes most postpone making life-changing investments, This could be tricky, as the other need may actually be required, but note two things

Ask yourself, is this need competing for resources required for this life-changing investment needed now, can I wait a bit? What are my long-term and short-term goals?

Is this a need or an important want?

Taking the pains of foregoing the satisfaction of a present need might be deciding factor between success and failure in investment as most times timeliness is key, Our Estates prices are on as much as 50% promo this period, to take advantage of the low prices, another need may need to be forgone

The Pain of Setting GoalsThere must be an objective set out, pursued with every form of diligence and discipline. This most people find hard to do. To succeed in investment, there must be a benchmark, they must be a worthy idea being pursued …


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