What are the facilities available?

Our estates are well landscaped with green recreational area to provide for green area, water treated plant pipe borne water, regular power with dedicated transformer supply by IPP, 24hours supply guaranteed, 24hrs Access control, Recreational Areas (Swimming, Table/Tennis, Football Pitch), Hotel, School, Shopping Malls, Children Playing Ground.

What do l get when l make payment

  • You get contract letter receipt of payment, when you make payment.
  • You get your letter of Allocation, Deed of Conveyance when you have completed your payment. Usually, clients get allocated within 2weeks after full payment.

How will the Estate be managed?

Upon completion, the management will set up an Estate Management Committee (EMACOM) that comprises of appointed or elected members of  the estate landlord and company representatives. The committee will meet periodically to take pragmatic decisions regarding management of the estate. the decision taken by the EMACOM shall be binding on all residents. The company shall be retained as facility manager of the estate.

Can the company help with building design, contraction and supervision and can someone buy and resell?

Yes, upon request, our technical departments are on ground to design, construct, supervise and deliver best quality t prospective clients at affordable rate within the shortest period. Yes you can buy and resell, however the management need to be informed.

What are the prerequisite for development and how long l keep the land before building?

Upon completion of the infrastructure in the estate buyer are expected to stare developing immediately and you can keep for not more than 3 years before building. After the company most have made the place inhabitable.

What obligations do I have toward the Government agencies and community?

The company had paid on behalf of the prospective buyers for following: Layout approval of Greater Port Harcourt, Marching Ground, Traditional Rite/Bush Entry/Omonile/Obio/Akpor (L.G.A Revenue), Community Development Fees. However, the individual landlord will pay building and approval base on the design of the building to relevant agencies.

How do I proceed from here?

Simply contact any of our sales consultants, fill our form, choose a payment plan that works for you, and make payment.